Links to Primary Sources, Other History Websites, and University Courses for Studying Bolshevism and International History.

General History:

NotEvenPast -The University of Texas at Austin History website is a great resource to explore more book reviews, primary sources, interviews and other interactive features that cover all world regions and, of course, Texas. – The Online Archive of California allows anyone to do keyword searches that covers public and private archives throughout the state.– A great online history journal.

International History– The website for history professor Dr, Jeremi Suri is a great resource for international history and how it applies to current events.

Soviet History:– Explores various topics in Soviet History. – One of the best collections on the Russian Revolution and Communism.

Courses by University and Professor:

The University of Texas at Austin: 


HIS 350L – History of Globalization, Dr. Mark Metzler

HIS 333M – US Foreign Relations, Dr. Mark Lawrence/ Dr. H.W. Brands

HIS 362G – Marx and Western Marxism, Dr. Tracie Matysik

HIS 343L – History of Russia to 1917, Dr. Joan Neuberger

HIS 343M – History of Russia Since 1917, Dr. Charters Wynn

HIS 350L – Stalin’s Russia at War, Dr. Charters Wynn


HIS 381- International History Since 1898, Dr. Jeremi Suri

HIS 383 – Conflict/Coexist in East Europe, Dr. Mary Neuburger

HIS 383 Stalinist Russia, Dr. Charters Wynn

HIS 383 Revolutionary Russia, Dr. Charters Wynn

HIS 381 – The Long Cold War, 1919-1991, Dr. Robert Hutchings and Jeremi Suri

HIS 381 – Transnational Mediterranean, Dr. Benjamin Claude Brower


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